Useful Links

These are links I often go to for information on conversions, adaptions, substitutions, and ingredients.

  • My Ratio and Conversions: My personal cheat sheet with basic measurement conversions along with my common substitutions.
  • My Healthy Substitutions: My organized page of ingredients I use and substitute and their nutritional comparisons.
  • Fitness Pal’s Recipe Nutrition Calculator: I use to calculate nutrition info in my recipes.
  • Produce Converter: Great for questions like, “how much does one lemon yield?” or “How many cups of cubed sweet potato=one sweet potato?” I use this all the time to convert leftover chopped veggies or frozen cubed and diced veggies.
  • The Cook’s Thesaurus: An amazing reference for info on ingredients, tools, techniques and their substitutions.
  • Fine Cooking: Lots of great recipes, techniques and cooking tips. They also have good information on ingredients.
  • Google Nutrition ____ vs ____: If you type two similar ingredients versus each other it automatically pops up a comparison of nutrition information.
  • Google Conversions: If you type “how many tablespoons in a cup” “5 grams = whatever” it will do a fast calculation. Same with just normal math equations – snazzy!

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