Weekend Sushi

Sushi Eating Etiquette. (Or rules I rarely follow, but are interesting none the less.)
Uchi Brussel Sprouts Recipe Their roasted brussel sprouts are AMAZING. So glad I found the recipe!

The weekends are usually my “splurge” times. I eat worse. I drink more. I indulge. This past weekend, I did all the above. The dinner I’ll share was at Uchi (probably the healthier of my weekend choices). It’s a contemporary Japanese restaurant, some people may remember it being mentioned during Top Chef: Season 11 when Paul -who trained at the Uchi in Austin- won. Anyways, it was amazing as always. We didn’t have a reservation, but weren’t in a rush. We went early-ish and hung around the bar for an hour to wait for the table. My only real qualm about this place is that there is no seating in the bar. If you can’t score a place at the limited bar top you have to stand in a line, elbow-to-elbow with your drink. I really think they should extend the bar area out more and shrink the sushi bar some. You have to make reservations pretty far in advance (around three weeks) and I am seriously considering making reservations monthly and if I can’t go I’ll just find someone else to take my reservation. We had the 5-piece sushi sampler, the 5-course tasting menu, and a few different samplings of sake.