Easy Vegetable Puree Soup

curried sweet potato soup

While we didn’t get another snow day- the weather this morning was definitely cold enough for it. (29F– Brr!) So, it was time to make another big pot of soup. I hate the cold, but I love soup. Some days I feel like getting to warrant making soup is the only plus of the cold.

Vegetable Purees are one of those types of “soups” I make all the time. I guess they’re not really soups, but they are soup-like and make a good quick meal or side. They’re also so easy once you know the formula. Just sauté whatever allium you want -leek, onion, garlic. (comparison here) Add your primary vegetable and heat to soften. (preferably roast it first if it’s a root or hearty veggie, way more flavor that way) Use a 1/2 broth, 1/2 water ratio– just enough to cover your veggies. Add seasonings and/or herbs. Boil for a few minutes. Add a cream/thickening ingredient if you wish (greek yogurt, cream, milk, flour). Heat through. Puree. Done.



Polar Vortexas and Healthy Corn Chowder

Healthy Corn Chowder


Last Friday in Houston we had what I believe was our first freeze of the season. I woke up to heavy frost on the roofs, ice on the doorknob outside, and a newsfeed of icepocalyptic proportions. This, of course, constituted freeway closures and most people didn’t go into work or school. It may take a blizzard up north to constitute a snow day- but a little ice and some cold puddles means we will shut our city down.

By Sunday we were back in the 70s, the sun was shining, and I brunching on the patio at Canopy while watching their valet back into a car. (He literally backed right into another car that he had just parked barely three feet away from the patio full of patrons and then went to get another car like nothing happened. Brunch and a show!) Then later I enjoyed an ahhhmazing bacon Bloody Mary and played a pathetic game of corn-hole at BAC. I was hoping the warm, patio weather would stick around, but by Tuesday it was another “snow day.” So I decided to play around with making a healthy version of corn chowder to help me face this roller-coaster of polarvortexas we were experiencing.

My healthier rendition of corn chowder hit the spot AND I got to use the immersion blender I got for Christmas. (Dude– get one.) Definitely an easy, cheap meal that is low in calories (264), fat (0g – not a typo), carbs (3g), and sodium(406g). One that will make the weeknight dinner rounds again.