Egg White Cups for Today and Tomorrow

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I love eggs. From my head down to my legs, I love eggs.

That’s actually not true, but it popped in my head when I started this post. Then I started looking for where that came from and found this. Not quite what I was looking for, but who can resist a dancing egg cartoon song?

Truth is, I only like eggs and rarely crave eggs, but the boy loves eggs. A few weekends ago we drove around for an hour looking for a place that was open for brunch, didn’t have a wait, served alcohol, and had a good old American breakfast plate. Turns out that doesn’t exist before 11am on the weekends. This means I am now cooking and eating more and more of them. He could eat a fried egg with whole wheat toast for breakfast daily, but I cannot. So I have to find new, faster ways to get them done in the mornings. Ala: egg white cups two ways–


Ode to Cilantro

Sweet Cilantro Vin


I went to Hugo’s with the boy last night. It’s pretty pricey, but it’s also right down the street so we splurge there more than we should. It’s a more upscale Mexican restaurant in this beautifully restored building from the twenties. They basically serve gourmet takes on Mexican inspired, regional cuisine. So, not your typical grease-filled TexMex cuisine. To start I had their Oaxacan margarita because – what’s Mexican food without a margarita. The Oaxacan margarita so smokey and light, definitely my favorite on the menu. In my opinion it’s even better than their $28 “Greatest” marg. For dinner I had a really good seafood stew full of veggies with fish and shrimp and octopus. Not sure how healthy it was, but it seemed light-ish. One thing I was surprised it didn’t come with was avocado or cilantro. Once those additions were made, it was perfect. I never get how people can eat Mexican without cilantro. It gives such a crisp flavor and adds complexity and coolness to spicy dishes (like the stew). It pretty much enhances everything.

People either love or hate cilantro. I read somewhere that it actually tastes different to different people. (Maybe this NYT article?) Personally, it’s one of my favorite herbs and I pretty much incorporate it into everything. I don’t think I could ever date or really even be good friends with someone who was a cilantro hater because we could never share food. (I also LOVE sharing food, or asking for “a bite”) Since we’re on the subject of things I love, I also love a good, quick salad. Just pick a type of greens, use up those leftover bits of veggies, throw on some shredded rotisserie chicken for good measure and you have an easy lunch or a light dinner. So, of course … BOOM– Salad+Sweet Cilantro Vinaigrette and I am in heaven. This doesn’t keep quite as well as some other vinaigrettes I’ve made and I’m not sure why. Maybe the cilantro eventually gets that bitter flavor, but once it starts to get a sour smell – throw it out.