Testing Those Two Ingredient Pancakes: Three Ways

Healthy Two Ingredient Pancakes

This morning I did not want eggs. I wanted something sweet and bready so I decided to re-make one of those popular Pinterest recipes that are popping up everywhere. The infamous two-ingredient pancake. I’ve made them once before and you have to go in expecting more of a thin crepe texture and less of a fluffy pancake texture. I also found that the 2 egg:1 banana ingredient list was a little off for my taste- it was a bit more banana flavored than I wanted and a little too chewy.

This time I reduced the banana amount to half and it worked out much better. I also made a batch with ground oats (home made oat flour, I guess) and those were a little heartier. And, I made a batch with some PB2 because… peanut butter and banana – come on! I used the leftover banana half as a topping and drizzled with honey. Click below for the updated recipe and options.



Egg White Cups for Today and Tomorrow

Egg Cups || EdibleHTX

I love eggs. From my head down to my legs, I love eggs.

That’s actually not true, but it popped in my head when I started this post. Then I started looking for where that came from and found this. Not quite what I was looking for, but who can resist a dancing egg cartoon song?

Truth is, I only like eggs and rarely crave eggs, but the boy loves eggs. A few weekends ago we drove around for an hour looking for a place that was open for brunch, didn’t have a wait, served alcohol, and had a good old American breakfast plate. Turns out that doesn’t exist before 11am on the weekends. This means I am now cooking and eating more and more of them. He could eat a fried egg with whole wheat toast for breakfast daily, but I cannot. So I have to find new, faster ways to get them done in the mornings. Ala: egg white cups two ways–