The goal is simple: eat healthy 3-4 times a week. 

Like many friends I know begrudingly entering the upper half of their twenties, I am far from a glowing example of healthy eating and have no nutritional expertise beyond that of a quick google. I drink a glass of wine (or two, or a bottle) nightly. I love to eat out: it’s social and delicious. I love Mexican food and margaritas and burgers and fries and beer. BUT, I want to strive to be more conscious about what I’m eating.  I want to undo the years of fast food binging, southern comfort food craving, sugar snack dieting that I was on the past quarter-century of my life. Living in Houston -a diverse food city- in Texas -a state known for it’s love of red meat and Tex-Mex- makes it almost impossible not to eat out. I love the variety of dining my city has to offer and I plan on continuing to take full advantage of it. Just, not as often.

I started this blog because I want a place to hold myself accountable for how I’m eating. I needed some way to keep a record of the recipes I make, how I tweak them, and what I don’t like in failed recipes I attempt. Pinterest has opened the door for finding a recipe for anything and everything, but I find myself pinning far more than I cook (or craft, or workout, or accessorize) and I want that to change. I find it hard to keep track of the dishes I’ve tried and how I’ve adjusted them to my taste. All of that is where this blog comes in. Plus, by doing this it will make me feel far less guilty and more gratified during those decadent Sunday brunches and occasional steak nights at local pubs.


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